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Board of Directors

John Jennett, President
Great Western Bank

Amber Christian, Vice President
Ames Police Department

Raymond Richie, Treasurer
Renewable Energy Group

Michelle Cassabaum, Secretary
21st Century Rehab

Kim Behrendt, Past President
Wells Fargo

Chris Betts
Chris Betts REMAX Real Estate


  Heather Botine, Iowa State Alumni Association    

   "I am a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mother, and Cyclone FAN!

   Passionate about youth, education, health, and travel as a way to learn about other
   cultures and appreciate all that we have.  To observe far away and see what needs to
   be improved where we live, work, and grow.

   My husband and children have taught me about advocacy and service.  They make me
   want to do more, see more, speak out for, and give more.

  This is why I serve on the board of directors for Boys and Girls Clubs of Story


Dan Nutini
Nutini Architecture

Lloyd Flanders
ReMax Real Estate

Andrea Hammes Dodge
Ames Chamber of Commerce

Anthony Jones
Ames Community School District

Andrew Murdoch
Principal Financial

Jason Rechkemmer
Woodruff Construction