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Boys & Girls Club of Story County Alumni

 Fred Hoiberg

  Ames Boys Club (Now Boys & Girls Club of Story County)
  Chicago Bulls Head Coach





 Harrison Barnes

 Boys & Girls Club of Story County
 Golden State Warriors






 Jessica Clipper

 Boys & Girls Club of Story County, member #44
 Explore 'n More Learning Center, Owner

"The Club didn't save my life, it gave me a life. The Club allowed me to figure out who I was and where my true passion lie. Without the Club,  I'd probably be in some boring office job."




Tim Rassmussen

 Ames Boys Club (now Boys and Girls Club of Story County), member #19
 Ames Community School District Board of Directors, Vice President

 "I can honestly tell you, I would not have made it to where I am today without The Club. The Club provided that sense of belonging, that sense of family, I  was missing at home. Come to find out many years later, that is why my friends attended too. I feel privileged to have had The Club in my life, during my  most vulnerable years, right when I needed it."



Willie Chieves

 Ames Boys Club (now Boys & Girls Club of Story County)
 Gee Willie Entertainment, Owner





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